Veta Carney

I have worked with glass for a number of years.  Making handmade jewelry led me to fused glass and the purchase of  first kiln.  It did not take long to realize that I wanted to make more complex works.  Over the years I studied with glass artists  to explore a wide range of techniques.  Eventually, I decided to take my art to a higher level and  became a studio artist at the Washington Glass School in  the Washington D. C. area.  I was able to regularly work side by side with truly renowned glass artists who inspired and generously fostered my passion to learn and grow as an artist.  In addition to expanding my fusing skills, I explored dry plaster casting, mold making and lost wax glass casting, painting on glass, mixed media, lighting techniques, and endless other technical skills. My works have been accepted in a number of juried shows .  I am a member of the Glass Art Society, the National Capital Area Glass Guild, and the Arizona Glass Alliance.   I now reside full time in Tucson, Arizona, where I share my studio with my son, who is also a glass artist. 

Daniel Carney

I was introduced to working with glass initially by my mother, Veta Carney,  experimenting with fused glass.  I then started  flame working  borosilicate glass at the Sonoran Glass Academy in Tucson, Arizona, after graduating from the University of Arizona . I earned  a degree in ecology and environmental  biology and attended graduate school.   I  currently work out of my glass studio in Tucson, Arizona.  I have participated in workshops given by several glass artists and  enjoy seeing my artwork evolve in complexity  and style as I try and develop new approaches to my work with different materials and techniques. I have had pieces featured in a number of juried shows sponsored by the National Capitol Area Glass Guild and I was selected to participate in shows sponsored by the Creative Craft Counsel.  My works have also been shown at  galleries and at  the University of Arizona and  as a visiting artist with the DeGrazzia Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.

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